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Archaeological Museum of Tinos - Giannoulis Halepas Museum,

Tinos Marble Crafts Museum - Trinity Museum of Artists

Tinos Gallery - Sacrifice - Exhibition of Icons and Heirlooms - Antonios Sochos Museum

Scooby, backgammon championship taking place on the beach of Skilandar in Tinos, which gives its name to the institution. It started in 2004.

Kolimbithres, Beach Volley Championship is being held at Kolymbithra Beach, one of the two beaches called Kolimbithres, every year since 1994

Kambos, a honey festival in early September with a lot of dance, song and treats based on local honey.

Komi, Feast of Artichoke that is held every year since 2005 in the village of the beautiful village of Komi. In May, Komi waits for hundreds of visitors to try various foods with the main ingredient of artichoke. Feast and lots of dance with traditional local songs.