Tinos products are vegetables and fruits and vegetables, with the main representative of the wild artichoke grown in the valley of Komi (meadow).

It has been famous since ancient times for garlic (see Aristophanes' reference to Pluto: it describes cloves garlic as "eye medicine"). Native bushy plants such as capers, mushrooms, fishes, dittany, thyme, oregano, prickly pear, sage, chamomile and all kinds of infusions are grown on the island.

Dairy products like Tinou cheese (Tinou cheese), rock (almond cheese), Kopanis and Gervaire Tinos (product of protected designation of origin), anthotyro, malathion and pasteurized milk are produced in the Tinos cheese dairy.

Also, the thyme honey and the "rose" grape. The local raki, light and of excellent quality, accompanies the social events of the residents. Special mezedes of the festive table are louza-chioiori cooked in red wine and spices, sausage, garlic.

Sold tomatoes and capers are never missing from the Tin Table, making them basic ingredients in several traditional recipes.

The last acquisition is the oil mill, which gives the Tinians pure virgin olive oil. Also, mainly during Easter, the patisseries of the island are made of almonds, the famous sweet cheese pies, xerophanas, "fish" (skaltsounia), bees, loukoumia and others.